Tinsley was charged with trespassing at her ex Fanjul's home last week

Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty

In the days since Tinsley Mortimer’s Apr. 9 arrest for trespassing at her ex-boyfriend, sugar heir Nico Fanjul’s home in Florida, revelations about the pair’s volatile history continue to emerge.

On Monday, police reports from 2013 detailed an incident of alleged domestic violence which resulted in Mortimer’s hospitalization for a head injury – and now, two police reports from 2014 reveal further incidents between the couple in which police were called to the scene.

According to police reports obtained by PEOPLE, six months after the Dec. 2013 incident, police were once again called to Fanjul’s home in Palm Beach on June 12, 2014.

Authorities reported that Mortimer, who was barefoot outside the residence, appeared to be intoxicated and that her face “was swollen and reddened from crying.” Fanjul also appeared “highly intoxicated” and was uncooperative with police.

According to the police report, Mortimer stated the two had been out for drinks beforehand and left in separate cars, agreeing to meet at Fanjul’s residence afterwards.

Mortimer claimed the two got into an argument once they arrived at the house and that Fanjul “tried to smother her with a pillow.” She stated she fought back and then fled to her vehicle and locked herself inside.

According to the report, Mortimer stated that Fanjul followed her outside and keyed the the car repeatedly, damaging her vehicle. She also recorded a video on her phone from inside the car which reportedly shows Fanjul breaking the windshield wipers.

According to the version of events Fanjul told police, Fanjul maintained he did not invite Mortimer to his residence but that she was already inside when he arrived and the two argued in the bedroom. Police reported the bedroom was in disarray and there were blood marks on one of the pillows.

Both Mortimer and Fanjul had scratch marks and Mortimer’s dress was also slightly torn, but Fanjul refused to allow the officer to take photos of his injuries.

Mortimer refused to sign a sworn affidavit of prosecution to file charges for the damage caused to the vehicle and was escorted home by police after being advised to contact the Detective Bureau the following day.

It would appear that the couple went on to yet again reconcile after the incident, however, and a few months later, on Dec. 28. 2014, police were dispatched to Fanjul’s home regarding “a suspicious incident involving a male subject and female involved in an altercation.”

Fanjul, again “uncooperative,” appeared also to be “intoxicated” and claimed he and his girlfriend, Mortimer, had an argument. Fanjul claimed Mortimer “attacked and scratched him,” leaving marks on his chest back, as well as bruising above his right rib cage.

Fanjul claimed Mortimer left the area after the alleged attack and stated that if Mortimer returned to his residence he would like for police to issue a trespass warning.

Meanwhile, a neighbor, who was the one to call the police, told authorities he witnessed Fanjul tackle Mortimer and push her head into the pavement.

The 2013 and 2014 incidents appear to mirror the April 9 incident, in which Mortimer, now 40, was arrested for trespassing on Fanjul’s property. (A source told PEOPLE “she sat on his doorstep for hours and banged on the door.”)

In a statement to PEOPLE via her lawyer last week Mortimer said “it was never her intent to cause any problem” and she “hopes to resolve this misunderstanding.”

When reached by PEOPLE, Fanjul, 30, had no comment and a rep for Mortimer also declined to issue another comment, though her attorney Matt Morgan told PEOPLE they “have initiated contact with the State Attorney’s Office and are optimistic that this misunderstanding will be resolved in short order.”

Of the duo’s tumultuous relationship, a source told PEOPLE Monday “they are both to blame.”

“Tinsley gets jealous and Nico can be a bully,” said the source. “He is aware of who he is and can push it around to a fault.”

Mortimer, a New York City socialite, was previously married to oil legacy Topper Mortimer.