A source tells PEOPLE the former High Society star is "beyond generous and kind"

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated April 11, 2016 05:00 PM
Credit: John Lamparski/WireImage

Tinsley Randolph Mortimer’s arrest came as a surprise to those who knew her from her days starring on the CW’s High Society in 2010.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me at all,” a source who was previously close to the reality television personality tells PEOPLE. “She’s probably one of the most honest, kindest, good hearted people I’ve ever met.”

Mortimer, formerly Mercer, was arrested Saturday in Palm Beach, Florida, for allegedly trespassing on the property of Nico Fanjul, son of sugar baron Alex Fanjul. A different insider told PEOPLE that Mortimer and Fanjul were dating but had broken up, and that Mortimer “cannot get over it.”

According to the source, though, Mortimer was always “very tasteful” and didn’t “even belong doing unscripted TV.”

“She’s classy, she never speaks poorly about anyone,” says the source. “She was raised by a mother who raised her super old South You know, you don’t speak poorly about people, you’re always polite, you always ask people about themselves before you talk about yourself – she was raised to be old-school refined.”

Though police records obtained by PEOPLE report Mortimer was “crying and screaming irrationally” on the property, claiming she wanted to retrieve her purse from inside the house while insisting Fanjul was her boyfriend and was with another woman, the source maintains this wasn’t how the Mortimer they knew behaved with men.

“Men were always interested in her and I never saw her be over-eager,” says the source. “She’s very attractive, she’s got everything a guy would want. I saw so many guys circle around her and so many guys pursue her and she never was one of those girls that really wanted a guy – she was always being pursued, she was never the pursuer.”

The source also says Mortimer “was very careful in who she got involved with” and “was very picky and not desperate, ever.”

Which makes Mortimer’s alleged behavior all the more “shocking,” explains the source.

“She’s not messed up in any way. I never saw that,” adds the insider. “I [was] with her in very difficult situations where people weren’t being nice to her and I never saw her react. I never saw her react in any way that you wouldn’t be proud to be her friend. … Some people, you’re like: ‘Oh, of course.’ But of all the people that I met [in] reality television, she’s probably one of the very few that was beyond generous and kind.”

Added the source: “You know, in this business people can go and get their egos inflated but not her.”