Crime is hard
Credit: St. Charles County Police Department

Crime is hard. There’s the planning, the execution, the follow-through. It’s not a life for everyone. And it’s especially not a life for these individuals, who blundered through 2015 with an assortment of criminal errors ranging from absent-minded to shamefully stupid.

Levi Charles Reardon

Reardon, wanted for theft and forgery, was so taken with his wanted poster on the Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers Facebook page that he “liked” it. He was arrested a few weeks later.

Christopher Wallace
Wallace may share a name with the Notorious B.I.G., but any similarities end there. The 22-year-old was arrested in March while Snapchatting his whereabouts (he was currently hiding in a cupboard from police, who were searching his home at the time). That was actually his second incriminating post to the platform – his first was kind enough to inform police that he was at home in the first place.

John Mogan

Mogan already made the poor decision of getting face and neck tattoos, which aren’t the most helpful accessories for bank robbers, but he also posed for numerous photos with the loot from his alleged haul, along with his girlfriend, Ashley Duboe. Needless to say, they were arrested shortly after his pictures hit the web.

Renaud ‘Junior’ Plaisir
Plaisir broke into John Terrell’s New Hampshire home with the intent of robbing it. At some point, he found the refrigerator, which held some leftover chicken wings. He ate those, and then promptly fell asleep in the guest bedroom, where he was discovered and detained by Terrell until the police arrived.

Devin Gesell and Friends[IMAGE “1” “” “std” ]
Gesell and two accomplices broke into a Missouri home in March and took, among other things, a box containing what they thought was cocaine. Turns out, it was the homeowner’s father’s ashes. And even worse, the woman, Debora Matthews, claims that two of the unnamed teens were the deceased man’s grandchildren. That’s gonna make for an awkward family reunion.

Frank E. Blake Jr.
Blake was already incarcerated in a Virginia jail when he was visited by his second and third wives. Turns out, he was still married to his second wife, whom he’d married before his divorce from his first wife was finalized. These developments complicated things considerably: Blake was charged with bigamy, which increased the length of his sentence by a year and a half. Maybe he just really liked weddings?

Patrick Rempe
Rempe, 24, drove his 2002 Toyota through the front door of Indian River County Jail’s Building C. That didn’t work, so he backed out and then tried to go through the fence. That also didn’t work, so he tried to climb the fence, where he got stuck on the razor wire. What was Rempe trying to accomplish? He told police he wanted to visit friends who were currently incarcerated, a decision he’d reached after getting high on “flakka,” a synthetic stimulant.

Reliford Cooper, III
Cooper fled from police one Wednesday evening in October, leading them on a high-speed chase that involved running through a stop sign and two ditches before crashing into a house. “I wasn’t driving that car,” he told police when he was being handcuffed. “My dog was driving that car.” No dog was found at the scene.

Unnamed Man in a Bear Suit
Police in Anchorage, Alaska, spent at least some of August searching for a man in a “fairly realistic” bear costume who was caught harassing several actual bears in the Chilkoot River. “This is not the first time we’ve encountered a man in a bear suit,” Fish and Game spokeswoman Megan Peters told the Associated Press, though the experience apparently did not help them make an arrest.