Texas Mom and 1-Year-Old Mysteriously Found Dead in a Field

Lindsay Groce Gardner's naked body was reportedly found on top of her 13-month-old daughter

Photo: Courtesy Lindsey Gardner

A Texas mother and her baby were mysteriously found dead on Tuesday about 200 yards from a wrecked car, according to the Star-Telegram.

Lindsay Groce Gardner, 27, and Hailey Gardner, 13 months, were identified by the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office on Wednesday in Fort Worth, Texas, they confirmed to PEOPLE.

They still don’t have a cause of death.

Investigators believe the bodies are connected to the wrecked car, but have not determined whether the crash contributed to their deaths, homicide Sgt. Joe Loughman told the Star-Telegram.

“There were no injuries that looked like they would cause a person’s death,” he said.

Authorities told the newspaper the mother’s naked body was found on top of her daughter, and clothing was found nearby.

Amber Bentley first noticed the Toyota sedan on Tuesday morning alongside some trees in a field about 100 yards from the road, she told WFAA-TV.

She called 911 and when police arrived, they couldn’t find anyone in the car.

Several hours later, around 11 a.m., a fence repairman found Gardner and the little girl, according to the news outlet.

People in the community are also confused as to what could have happened.

“It’s perplexing, the fact the bodies were away from the car, you think they would have been in the car,” Linda Fuqua told KXAS. “But now I’m wondering, what happened. Was she trying to get away or help herself from the accident with her child?”

According to the Star-Telegram, Gardner had a blog called “Adventures in Cali” and identified herself as a freelance artist in it. She last made an entry in April 2013 while living in Death Valley, California.

Why can’t things just go the way you plan them?” she wrote. “Why does God constantly have another path? These are things I get to thinking. You’ve probably thought them before too. Why do we even bother thinking that? He already had a path. It’s our scared insecure brains that try to tie all the knots of false insecurity together into believing that we are going to be ok because of our “plan.” Even though, constantly, again and again, our plan fails, falls apart, crumbles, vanishes.”

“But God’s plans are always solid,” she also wrote in the entry. “He always follows through and takes care of us.”

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