The shooting occurred Saturday evening, near a hunting ground in Hallsville
Daisy George
Credit: GoFundMe

Texas authorities are not expected to press charges against the father of Daisy Grace Lynn George, the 11-year-old girl who was killed Saturday in a shooting accident that followed a day of hunting.

Speaking to the press Monday, Harrison County Sheriff Brandon Fletcher said that he doesn't foresee criminal charges being filed, calling the girl's death "tragic."

The shooting occurred Saturday evening, near a hunting ground in Hallsville.

According to Fletcher, the accident happened after Daisy and her father had returned to his vehicle.

Fletcher said the father told detectives he remembered loading four cartridges into his rifle and that he had spent two while out hunting with Daisy.

He said he had ejected two more at the vehicle, and when he went to lower the rifle's hammer, it fired.

"He had thought he had cleared the gun, but unfortunately, he hadn't," Fletcher explained.

Daisy was struck in the pelvic area, Fletcher revealed.

The pre-teen was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead from her wounds.

"It's very trying to not work this case without emotion," Fletcher said. "I hope we never see another [accidental death] like it."

Daisy was a sixth-grade student at Hallsville Middle School.

A GoFundMe campaign, launched to defray some of the girl's funeral expenses, described Daisy as "a joker" who was always "trying to lift everyone's spirits."

It adds: "She loved to draw her heart out. Daisy loved to be surrounded by the outdoors. Always down for an adventure big or small."