Texas 3rd Grader Finds Gun Superintendent Left in School Bathroom, Police Open Investigation

The superintendent at Rising Star Elementary School told a Texas news station that he had left his gun in a stall while using the bathroom

Rising Start Elementary School. Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

A third-grader at Rising Star Elementary School found a gun left by the school's superintendent in a restroom stall last month, and now a police investigation is underway, per Texas news station KTAB-TV.

The incident happened in the small town of Rising Star, Texas. The school's superintendent Robby Stuteville — who openly carries a firearm at the school, along with the principal — told the news station that he had taken off the gun while using the restroom and put it on the stall.

He said he had forgotten his gun and left the stall for about 15 minutes before the student found it. The student didn't touch the gun and instead went to notify a teacher of the weapon, according to the news station.

"There was never a danger other than the obvious," Stuteville told KTAB-TV, adding that he was "proud" of the student for how he handled the situation.

"This is one of those examples of guns in schools. Regardless of who takes responsibility, they are a considerable danger and one should school their child to be on the lookout for any unusual placement of a weapon or anything out of place," Stuteville said.

Rising Star Police Chief Don Braly confirmed to the new station that an investigation into the incident is underway after their office was notified Wednesday after receiving a call about the incident.

PEOPLE was unable to reach the Rising Star Police Department for comment.

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As for Stuteville, he said he is no longer bringing the weapon to school. Rising Star School Board meetings to discuss the incident are ongoing, per the station.

According to Texas Law, per the Texas State Library, firearms are prohibited from school grounds, regardless if the school is private or public, unless the school has expressly given written authorization for the person to be allowed to bring a firearm.

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