Police say that Anthony Tesoriero shot his 10-year-old son, Ty, before turning the gun on himself

By Steve Helling
September 30, 2019 02:24 PM

When police in Lone Tree, Colorado, arrived at an apartment on a routine welfare check call on September 21, they found a grisly sight.

According to a police statement obtained by PEOPLE, officers “found an adult male and a juvenile male deceased inside the apartment. [We are] currently investigating this as a murder suicide and do not believe that there is any threat to the public.”

The bodies were taken to the Coroner’s department, where they were identified as 48-year-old Anthony Tesoriero and his 10-year-old son, Ty. The cause and manner of death will not be released until the investigation is complete and the final autopsy reports are made available — but multiple news outlets, including TheDenverChannel.com, report that both of them had been shot.

Now, Ty’s mother — Anthony’s ex-wife — is speaking out, saying that she had tried many times to save her son, but that authorities couldn’t help her.

According to multiple reports, Jing Tesoriero had repeatedly alerted police, the court systems and child welfare services that Anthony Tesoriero had violated the terms of their custody agreement. She alleged that he was brainwashing his son against her, and keeping the boy longer than he should.

Family Photo

“There were so many agencies that were involved, so many,” Jing Tesoriero tells TheDenverChannel. “I begged, talked to, tried to convince everybody to do something.”

But ultimately, the case ended in tragedy.

The Denver Post reports that the shooting happened less than 24 hours after the family was in court for a custody hearing, and that the judge had planned to award Jing Tesoriero full custody of her son.

Tesoriero claims that she received an email from her ex-husband that said, “By the time you finish reading this, Ty will be moments away from joining me in the afterlife.”

By the time she arrived at her ex-husband’s apartment, police say that her son was dead at the hands of his father, who then turned the gun on himself.

“I’m heartbroken,” Jin Tesoriero tells the Denver Channel. “I don’t even know the words. I’m feeling angry, upset, regrets.”

The Tesoriero family has organized a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral expenses.