Teri Hatcher Fires Back in Skin-Care Lawsuit

The actress has "done absolutely nothing wrong," her court papers contend

Photo: Jesse Grant/WireImage

Teri Hatcher has “done absolutely nothing wrong” in her endorsement deal with skin-care company Hydroderm, she contends in a legal response filed Thursday to a $2.8 million lawsuit.

“Contrary to the wild and unsupportable allegations of [Hydroderm], Ms. Hatcher has not entered into agreements with any other cosmetic or skincare companies,” the papers say.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Helen Bendix sided with Hatcher on Thursday, denying Hydroderm early access to the Desperate Housewives star’s business records.

Hydroderm, whose products are marketed as an alternative to collagen injections, seeks a refund of Hatcher’s $2.4 million endorsement deal, plus an additional $406,952 for expenses related to the contract.

The cosmetics maker alleges Hatcher lent her name to at least 17 other beauty-care products while under contract with Hydroderm.

The actress argues that Hydroderm has recently gone through two ownership and management changes, and “failed to move the endorsement program forward due to its own corporate paralysis.”

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