Authorities found "detailed and methodical" notes in Julie Schenecker's home after her children's murders

By Steve Helling
February 04, 2011 03:30 PM

In the days before the gunshot slayings of teenage Calyx and Beau Schenecker, police say their mother, Julie Powers Schenecker, detailed her plans in writing.

“She was very matter-of-fact in how she was planning to kill her own children,” says Tampa Police Department spokeswoman Laura McElroy. “She was very detailed and methodical, lacking the remorse or emotion that you would expect from a mother who was about to do something like this.”

Officers found two notes at the scene – one allegedly written before the shootings, and one written after the teens had been killed. Authorities say Schenecker, 50, confessed to killing Caylx, 16, and Beau, 13, for being “mouthy.”

“She wrote about ‘My Plan,’ and called it a ‘Massacre,'” McElroy says. “That’s why we believe that there was a lot of forethought and planning that went into the crime. We don’t believe that she just snapped.”

In the first note, police say Schenecker references Florida’s three-day “cooling off” period for firearm sales. “She says that the waiting period would affect her schedule,” says McElroy.

Authorities believe that the second note was written after the children had been shot. “She said that they were dead, and that she was going to kill herself,” says McElroy. “That last part never came to fruition.”

Schenecker is being held without bond on two counts of premeditated first-degree murder Her attorney had no comment.