Suspect in Tucson Shooting Spree Pleads Not Guilty

Jared Lee Loughner faces dozens of new federal charges in the spree that killed 6, wounded 13

Photo: Landov

The suspect in the Tucson shooting spree that left six people dead and 13 wounded – including congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – pleaded not guilty to dozens of new federal charges in a Tucson court Wednesday.

The charges against Jared Lee Loughner include attempting to assassinate Giffords, 40, trying to kill two of her aides, and murdering federal judge John Roll and a staff member on Giffords’s team, Gabe Zimmerman, on Jan. 8 outside a Tucson grocery store, according to reports.

Other charges among the 49 Loughner faces in a newly unsealed, 28-page indictment include causing the deaths of four other people who were “participants at a federally provided activity” and using a gun in a crime of violence.

The 22-year-old college dropout, who will also likely face Arizona state charges down the road, has a history of mental problems, according to investigators. The Justice Department is reviewing the case to determine whether to seek the death penalty or life in prison, according to reports.

Giffords, who has steadily improved since she was shot in the head at close range, remains hospitalized at a rehabilitation center in Houston, Texas.

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