Man nabbed for allegedly selling items stolen from Steven Spielberg's film

By Shelley Akers and Jed Dreben
Updated October 04, 2007 01:00 PM
Frazer Harrison/Getty

The Los Angeles County sherriff’s department has arrested a man for selling stolen goods from Steven Spielberg’s production office.

On Tuesday, officers – disguised as buyers interested in the Indiana Jones items – arrested the man on suspicion of receiving stolen property according to Hollywood Reporter. The items – including computers, photographs, and various documents – were advertised for sale through e-mails sent to entertainment Web sites.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday that Spielberg had asked local law enforcement to investigate the robbery. Spielberg’s spokesman was quoted in the paper saying the director was worried the thieves might try to sell the stolen goods.

At the Target Presents AFI’s 40th Anniversary Event Wednesday night in Hollywood, George Lucas, who has worked on the movie’s script, talked to PEOPLE about the “very unfortunate situation” and how it’s not slowing down production.

“It’s an ongoing investigation – I can’t really say too much, but you know, I mean, those are things that happen,” Lucas said.

Spielberg’s upcoming “Indiana Jones” movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, is set to be released next summer – 19 years after the last installment in the series.

“It’s on schedule, on budget, and we finish next week. It looks fantastic!” Lucas, the film’s executive producer, said. “I think everybody will be surprised. It’s exactly like the old movies only a lot better.” Lucas even confirmed that Harrison Ford’s Indiana will still wear the trademark leather jacket, and Shia LaBeouf is doing “fantastic!” Lucas added: “It’s very funny and very exciting.”

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