"It doesn't get our hopes up a lot," he tells ABC News

By Liz Raftery
Updated September 15, 2011 02:00 PM
Credit: Hardman Photography/AP

Susan Powell’s father, Chuck Cox, says his outlook is considerably bleaker after learning that police discovered human remains near a campground where his daughter’s husband took their children on the night she disappeared.

“It does bother me that it’s in the same general area,” Cox tells ABC News. “And the more I learn about the location, the more it bothers me.”

“It doesn’t get our hopes up a lot,” he says.

The remains were discovered by cadaver dogs about 30 miles from the campground where Joshua Powell – whom police describe as the only person of interest in the case – says he took their children on the night Susan, then 28, disappeared in December 2009.

Joshua Powell has stopped cooperating with authorities, but Cox said that wouldn’t hinder the investigation.

“They’re going to get to the truth with or without his help,” he said

Nevertheless, Cox says he’s refusing to give up hope entirely.

He told Seattle’s KIRO TV that the investigation has turned up human remains before, none of which turned out to be his daughter’s. Now, he’s trying to remain calm while police work to identify their latest discovery.

“She could still be out there, maybe alive,” he told ABC.