'Survivor' Contestant & La. School Headmaster John Raymond Accused of Putting Tape on Students' Mouths

Raymond allegedly put packing tape over the mouths of three students who were talking in class

Slidell Police Department
Photo: Slidell Police Department

A Louisiana pastor and Christian school headmaster has been charged with three counts of cruelty to juveniles after authorities say he taped students' mouths shut for talking too much.

John Raymond, 60, was booked into the Slidell City Jail on Thursday after he turned himself in.

According to a statement from the Slidell Police Department, they received a complaint from the Department of Children and Family Services about potential child abuse at Lakeside Christian School, where Raymond was headmaster.

The complaint stated that Raymond taped multiple students' mouths shut as a form of discipline. All three students are 13 years old.

"On March 18th, several students were removed from a class due to excessive talking," the statement alleges. "John Raymond became angry and brought the students to his office. At some point, Raymond took a roll of packing tape and taped the students' mouths shut by wrapping the tape around their heads."

"Raymond allegedly sent the students back to class for around 45 minutes before another school administrator felt uncomfortable with the situation and removed the tape from the students' face," the statement continues.

"During the encounter, the students claim they had trouble breathing and that the removal process was painful," the statement alleges.

Raymond, who was a contestant on Survivor: Thailand in 2002, was charged with three counts of cruelty to juveniles. He has bonded out of jail and has not yet entered a plea.

In text messages to PEOPLE, Raymond said that he will not make any public statement on the charges until next week.

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