A 17-year-old male victim remains in critical condition, according to Birmingham Police Chief Orlando Wilson

By Karen Mizoguchi
March 07, 2018 10:19 PM
Brynn Anderson/AP/Shutterstock

A student is dead and another is in critical condition following a shooting at an Alabama high school.

On Wednesday, two students were shot at Huffman High School. A 17-year-old girl, who was a senior, was killed and a 17-year-old boy is in a critical but stable condition.

Police are investigating exactly how the shooting occurred.

“At this particular time, we’re considering it accidental until the investigation takes us elsewhere,” Police Chief Orlando Wilson said during an evening news conference. “We are not saying he shot her or did not shoot her. We are saying shots were fired. It’s not a situation where someone from the outside came into the school.”

Poignantly adding, “This should not happen in schools.”

Birmingham City Schools issued a statement on the incident as reported by multiple news outlets: “Two students were involved in a shooting during dismissal today at Huffman High School. The school was placed on a brief lockdown, and police were called to the scene. Students have been released and police are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.”

In the same evening news conference, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin said the student that was killed would have turned 18 in 30 days and had “aspirations and dreams to be a nurse.”

Huffman High School
Brynn Anderson/AP/Shutterstock

Huffman High School is one of the largest high schools in the city and had approximately 1,400 students in the 2015-2016 school year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

The shooting comes one day after Gov. Kay Ivey created a school safety council in Alabama to make recommendations on security as reported by ABC News.

Ivey’s plan would implement updated security response plans for sharing information about potential threats on campuses, and would require training for students and school employees on how to respond to an emergency situation.