Dan Abrams discusses some of the pivotal scenes in the true-crime docu-series on his new legal website

Credit: Netflix

ABC News Legal Anchor Dan Abrams launched his own legal website, Law Newz, with a bang on Tuesday – weighing in on the case at the center of the Netflix true crime docu-series Making a Murderer.

In one of the site’s first posts, Abrams says he believes that Steven Avery is guilty of the murder of Teresa Halbach and that his nephew, Brendan Dassey, is innocent. Abrams compares the nation’s focus on the hotly debated case to the O.J. Simpson case and discusses some of the pivotal scenes in the 10-part series.

In laying out the case for Avery’s guilt, Abrams offers his take on the puncture hole in the vial containing Avery’s blood, a sign the evidence had been tampered with and Avery had been framed, according to the case presented by his defense team, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting.

“It is hard not to moved by that moment,” Abrams says. “That is, unless you know that those sorts of punctures are at least somewhat common.”

He continues: “Well, that sure changes things but the filmmakers either didn’t know that or just didn’t care to share it with the audience.”

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Abrams also points to the fact there is actual evidence against Avery, including Halbach’s remains, which were discovered in his fire pit.

“Could someone invent seemingly plausible narratives about how or why some other suspect might have committed the crime?” writes Abrams. “Surely. But that does not mean we can or should ignore the actual (as opposed to figmental) evidence against Steven Avery.”

He adds: “I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Steven Avery killed Teresa and that he received a flawed but overall fair trial.”

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Dassey is the real victim in Making a Murderer, according to Abrams. “The interrogation tapes tell the story,” he writes. “It seems obvious that he was ‘guessing’ on what investigators wanted to hear just as he asserted to his mother.

Abrams adds: “The authorities suggest that he provided details only the killer would know and that had not been disclosed publicly about the crime. Well, maybe they hadn’t been disclosed or learned because they never actually happened.”

He concludes: “So my opinion: Avery is guilty, Dassey not. If true, that would mean Steven Avery has taken not just one life, but two. By maintaining his innocence and refusing to admit his involvement, it precludes him from credibly clearing his nephew.”

Abrams hopes that the series at least gets Dassey a new trial, adding, “Dassey’s confession and conviction is, and are, an injustice.”