Former Stanford Swimmer Charged for Publicly Raping Unconscious Woman on Campus

Brock Allen Turner, 19, voluntarily withdrew from the university on Tuesday

Photo: Mark Miller/Getty

A former Stanford swimmer is accused of publically raping an unconscious woman on campus.

Brock Allen Turner, 19, was charged Wednesday with five felonies, a spokesman for the Santa Clara district attorney’s office tells PEOPLE.

He faces one count of rape of an intoxicated person, one count of rape of a victim unconscious of the nature of the act, one count of sexual penetration when the victim was intoxicated or anesthetized, one count of sexual penetration where the victim was unconscious of the nature of the act and one count of assault with intent to commit felony.

The alleged attack took place just after midnight Sunday. Two bikers came across the unconscious woman with a man on top of her. He ran away, but the bikers chased him down, restraining him until police arrived, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“She was lying on the ground unconscious, not moving,” prosecutor Alaleh Kianerci said Tuesday, according to the Chronicle. The woman, who is not a student at the school, was taken to the hospital and is recovering.

Kianerci said Turner met the woman at an on-campus party, according to the San Jose Mercury News. He allegedly assaulted her outside while she was intoxicated and unconscious.

The prosecutor went on to praise the two bikers for stopping because what they saw “shocked their conscience,” the Mercury News writes.

Turner voluntarily withdrew from Stanford on Tuesday following his arrest, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Stanford spokeswoman Lisa Lapin told the Times that Turner is “not allowed to re-register for classes and is barred from setting foot on campus.”

Turner, a freshman from Ohio, held state records in two freestyle events and was a three-time All-American high school swimmer.

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