South Carolina Woman Mauled by 3 Dogs 'Fighting for Her Life,' Has Both Arms Amputated

Kyleen Waltman, 38, remains on a ventilator and may also lose a leg, according to family

kyleen waltman
Kyleen Waltman. Photo: GoFundMe

Three dogs allegedly mauled a mother of three walking down the road, leaving her fighting for life in the hospital.

ABC7 Chicago reported that on March 21, 38-year-old Kayleen Waltman was attacked on her way home in Honea Path.

Waltman's sister, Shenna Green, told the Associated Press Waltman was still being attacked when a man found her in a ditch. She was immediately airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The owner of the three dogs, two of which were pitbulls, was identified as Justin L. Minor, WYFF reported. Abbeville County Sheriff's Office said the man faces three counts of animals/penalty for the owner of dangerous animal attacks, one count of animals/rabies control chapter violation, and one count of animals/dangerous animals not permitted beyond premises unless restrained.

According to a GoFundMe page for Waltman, she had both of her arms removed up to the shoulder, and doctors may need to amputate her leg. She also had part of her colon removed and may lose her esophagus.

"She does have a spinal injury which we didn't know until Friday [and the doctor] told us they are also keeping her sedated so she doesn't aggravate it by trying to move. That's why they haven't woke her up yet," the family said on the GoFundMe page. "They still [haven't taken] the ventilator off her. She is doing most of the work herself it's just her blood pressure keeps going really high and her oxygen drops low. She still doesn't know what has happened."

Abbeville Animal Control are in possession of the dogs, WYFF reported. A judge set Minor's bond at $15,000 and said he is due back in court in May.

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