He vowed never to return to the country, given his treatment Saturday night

By Adam Carlson
Updated July 26, 2015 03:25 PM
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Snoop Dogg said he was the victim of racial profiling after he was briefly detained Saturday night in Sweden on suspicion of illegal drug use.

The rapper documented the encounter in a series of videos posted to Instagram Sunday.

“I don’t know what country we in but they sweatin’ us,” the visibly frustrated rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, says in the first of five expletive-laced videos, apparently taken on the roadside after police pulled over his vehicle.

(Police spokesman Christer Nordstrom confirmed to PEOPLE that Snoop was briefly detained, although he denied that it was motivated by race.)

In a second video, apparently recorded from the back of a police car, Snoop, 43, says, “I ain’t did nothing. All I did was came to this country and did a concert, and now I got to go to the police station for nothing.”

He vows in the third video never to return to Sweden, given this treatment.

In the final video, Snoop reassures his fans, “I made it through.”

“They took me down there, made me pee in the cup, didn’t find s—. No case no nothing. But like Minister Farrakhan say, ‘It’s better to be searched and not found with nothing than not to be searched at all.”

Snoop’s vehicle, which he was riding in as a passenger, was stopped at about 11 p.m., Nordstrom tells PEOPLE: “During the concert we had some officers around there, as we normally have because the concert was quite crowded there.”

“According to the police officer, Snoop Dogg showed signs of drug influence, so he was taken to the police station for a test,” Nordstrom says. “After about an hour he was free to go.”

Nordstrom says the arrest was standard procedure, even if the person under suspicion is a passenger. Results of the drug test will take about two weeks, he says. If it comes back positive, the case will be in the hands of a prosectur.

A minor drug offense normally results in a fine, Nodstrom says.

To Snoop’s allegations that race was an element in his arrest, Nordstrom says, “This has nothing to do with racism, not at all.”

In 2007, Snoop pleaded no contest as part of a plea agreement to charges of gun possession by a felon and sale or transportation of marijuana. (He had a certificate for medical marijuana for migraine headaches, but the amounts found exceeded the legal limit.)

The judge then issued the suspended prison term and placed Snoop on five years of probation, ordered him to perform 800 hours of community service and prohibited him from affiliating with gang members.

In an Instagram post Sunday, Snoop wrote, in part, “2 all my sweden fans U can blame YA police dept for never seeing me again in your beautiful country … And I’m still smokin.”

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