Hear an Exclusive Clip of 'Bad Batch' — a New Podcast from the Makers of 'Dirty John' and 'Dr. Death'

The new six-episode podcast series by Laura Beil explores the collision between the greed and patient desperation in the medical world

If you were a fan of the LA TimesDirty John podcast, there will soon be another John to keep listeners on their toes.

After stem cells healed his mother’s horrible hand burn and even her arthritis, John Kosolcharoen, a Southern Californian entrepreneur, was so astonished by its restorative power that he decided to build his own start-up around the concept and called it Liveyon.

“I did it, I did it myself, I did it against all odds,” Kosolcharoen said in the Bad Batch trailer, which debuts Wednesday. “And I made it.”

It proved very successful. Until it was not.

When numerous patients from Texas who underwent the stem cell treatment started calling 911 and were rushed into the hospital in critical condition last fall, the paper trail led back to Liveyon and, ultimately, Kosolcharoen himself.

The story is revealed in a new six-episode podcast series Bad Batch by Laura Beil, the journalist behind the famous Dr. Death, where she explores system failures within the corporate practice of medicine in the United States through the emblem of Liveyon.

As the trailer so eloquently states, the series is “about people who went searching for a miracle, and found a nightmare.”

“Six o’clock in the morning, they knock on my door,” Kosolcharoen says in the clip, recalling how authorities apprehended him. “Ten federal agents in full-breach gear, hand grenades, flash bombs, face masks.”

Bad Batch will be available to listeners Oct. 23 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Wondery.

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