Police Chief Charlie Beck promised a "comprehensive" investigation of the deadly incident

By Tara Fowler
Updated March 03, 2015 01:45 PM
Credit: Anthony Blackburn/Facebook

A homeless man who was fatally shot by Los Angeles police on Sunday “forcibly grabbed” an officer’s gun before being killed, Police Chief Charlie Beck told reporters at a press conference Monday afternoon.

The officer-involved shooting is under investigation after a video of the fatal incident went viral over the weekend.

According to The Washington Post, Beck reaffirmed that the man was a suspect in a robbery, adding that he “repeatedly refused to comply with officers’ demands and then began to fight with them.”

He continued: “While on the ground and struggling with the officers, the man forcibly grabbed one of the officers’ holstered pistols resulting in an officer-involved shooting.”

Beck then showed a screen grab from the video, pointing out the moment where the victim, who has not been named, appears to go for the gun.

“You can hear the young officer saying, ‘He has my gun! He has my gun!’ ” he said. “He says it several times, with conviction.”

The chief went on to say that two officers were wearing body cameras, which he said will provide a “crucial perspective” on what happened.

The LAPD is also seeking other videos of the incident in an effort to determine what really happened.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports a group of protesters gathered around the site of the shooting on Tuesday and expressed concerns about the incident.