Girl, 6, Needed Over 1,000 Stitches and 'Won't Be Able to Smile Again' After Pit Bull Attack

Lily Norton of Chesterville, Maine, spent over 12 hours in surgery after Saturday's attack

Chesterville girl in Boston hospital after dog attack Lily Norton, 6, was in critical condition at Boston Children's Hospital following the attack on Saturday.
Photo: gofundme

A six-year-old girl remains in critical condition after a dog attacked her and bit her face on Saturday.

Lily Norton underwent a 12-hour surgery leaving her with over 1,000 stitches from below her eyes to her chin and two additional procedures pending, a GoFundMe campaign created on her behalf explains.

"Her salivary glands aren't working … and doctors said she won't be able to smile again," CJ Pitcher, who helped create the fundraiser, told The Sun Journal. "Muscles are too damaged."

She will stay at Boston Children's Hospital's intensive care unit for at least ten days, where her mom Dorothy Norton tells News Center Maine she remains sedated because she has a breathing tube in.

"But other than that, she's really good. She looks really good," she added while explaining to the outlet that the attack occurred when Lily was at a friend's house.

"They were going to play cards at the table, so she sat down at the table, the friend went and got the cards, and then as soon as the friend walked back in the room, she screamed to her mom because the dog had Lily in her mouth," she said.

"And she doesn't hate all dogs, at least; that's what she told me. She just doesn't want to see that one again," she continued.

The dog was reportedly a pit bull type which the mother of Lily's friend was pet sitting.

"The Norton family is from a small town called Chesterville, Maine," the campaign's description notes.

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"They will be enduring a lot of traveling in the future years to come from Maine to Boston for their daughter's care. We are asking for any and all help we can get for this family and help them ease some of the expenses that this terrible tragedy put them in."

The campaign has currently obtained over $24,250 in donations.

Officer Dexter "Buzz" Bridges, the animal control officer for the town of Chesterville, tells The Sun Journal that the attack remains under investigation.

A representative for the Farmington Police Department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

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