Alexia Fernandez
November 18, 2016 01:30 AM

One person was shot and killed while six others were wounded at a toddler’s birthday party in Tennessee on Thursday night.

Fox 13 Memphis, a local TV station, reported that at least one woman is dead. The shooting occurred at a 2-year-old’s birthday party while the victim’s were on the front porch when shots were fired at a Dyersburg, Tennessee home.

Police said they are looking for three suspects.

Another victim was airlifted to Regional Medical Center in Memphis, according to Mayor John Holden who spoke to Fox News.

Stephanie Childress, a neighbor who lives four homes down from the scene, told Fox 13 Memphis “innocent kids got hurt for no reason and I am scared to death that they haven’t caught anyone.”

“As a mom, you want to help,” she continued. “You don’t want to see anyone else’s kids get hurt. I felt I could do more, and it hurts that I couldn’t do more.”

Childress said the area doesn’t see crimes like these.

“My son walks up these streets. It’s very unnerving,” she said.

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