Showgirl's Boyfriend Called Murder a Crime of Passion, Police Say

In a grisly arrest report, police say Jason "Blu" Griffith's roommate helped dispose of the body

Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty

The man accused of killing a Las Vegas showgirl told detectives her death was a “heat of the moment thing,” and police say his roommate helped stash the woman’s dismembered body, according to an arrest report obtained by PEOPLE.

Jason “Blu” Griffith, 32, and the other man attempted to hide the body of Debbie Flores-Narvaez, 31, in a cement tub in multiple places before they finally dismembered the remains and stored them in a home whose residents were out of the country, the report says.

Griffith was arrested early Saturday morning for the murder and is due in court Wednesday. The unidentified roommate “agreed to tell detectives what happened if he would not be arrested or prosecuted on the condition he did not have anything to do with the murder,” the report says.

So far, the unidentified roommate has not been arrested.

According to the report, Flores-Narvaez and Griffith argued inside Griffith’s home on the evening of Dec. 12. Griffith’s roommate “had to pull Griffith off of Flores-Narvaez because he was choking her with his hands around her neck,” the report says.

The roommate left after things calmed down, then returned only to find Flores-Narvaez dead. He was not present when she was killed, the report indicates, but acknowledged that he helped in trying to hide and dispose of they body.

The two men put the body into an empty plastic tub, covering it with concrete they had just purchased, according to the report. After renting a U-Haul truck to transport the tub, Griffith and his roommate intended to store the tub in several friends’ apartments.

They were in the process of moving the tub to a friend’s home, but she told them to leave when they revealed what was in the tub, the report says. They also tried to move it to another person’s apartment, but the unit was on the second floor and they couldn’t carry it up the stairs, according to the report.

They finally took the body to a home in downtown Las Vegas where the body was stored first in a single tub, then dismembered days later and stored in two separate concrete-filled tubs, the arrest report says. The roommate was at the scene when Griffith allegedly cut up the body with a saw, the report says.

The residents of the home were out of the country and wouldn’t be returning soon.

The gruesome arrest report details the volatile relationship between Flores-Narvaez and Griffith, describing three previous domestic violence incidents. While being driven to the Clark County Detention Center, where Griffith is being held without bail, he told detectives the murder “was not a premeditated thing and that it was a heat of the moment thing that happened,” the report says

The discovery of Flores-Narvaez’s body and Griffith’s arrest ended a nearly month-long search for the showgirl, who starred in Luxor’s Fantasy and danced professionally at several of the Las Vegas’s top nightclubs.

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