Shots Fired Outside of Vice President Joe Biden's Delaware Home

The Secret Service, FBI and local police search for the driver who fired shots near Biden's house

Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty

The Secret Service is trying to locate the driver of a vehicle that sped past Vice President Joe Biden‘s Delaware home and fired multiple gun shots.

Biden and his wife Jill weren’t home at the time of the shooting. Their house, situated in a heavily-wooded area, is located several hundred yards off a curving, two-lane road.

“A vehicle drove by the vice president’s residence at a high rate of speed and fired multiple gun shots. This occurred on a public road outside the established security perimeter,” Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback tells PEOPLE. “The shots were heard by Secret Service personnel posted at the residence and a vehicle was observed by an agent leaving the scene at a high rate of speed.”

New Castle Delaware County police, the Secret Service and the FBI are searching to determine if the shots may have struck any buildings on Biden’s property or nearby homes. So far, no structures appear to have been hit.

A half hour after the shooting, the driver of another vehicle was arrested when he tried to pass a police officer attempting to secure the perimeter of the area. The man was later charged with resisting arrest but hasn’t been linked to the shooting – although investigators will be questioning him to see if he is connected to the incident.

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