Authorities say the man who cyber-stalked Dawn DaLuise let her think he was someone else
Credit: Courtesy Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

The crazy case of celebrity skincare specialist Dawn DaLuise, who was charged last week with hiring a hit man to off a competitor, grew even stranger Thursday, when Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators announced the arrest of a man whom they say harassed and scared DaLuise while encouraging her to assume her tormentor was somebody else.

The new arrest doesn’t mean DaLuise, 55, will be let off the hook – she’s still in jail facing a solicitation of murder charge, and could get up to nine years behind bars.

But it does explain why DaLuise may have targeted Gabriel Suarez, another esthetician, who seemed not to know why DaLuise wanted to harm him.

“It’s not like I took her man,” Suarez, 34, had told PEOPLE.

A couple of months after Suarez set up shop two doors down from DaLuise’s West Hollywood salon last year, DaLuise and Edward Feinstein, 28, of West Hollywood, got into a dispute, sheriff’s investigators say. Rather than settle the dispute face to face, they say, Feinstein harassed DaLuise in several underhanded ways, such as by posting Craigslist ads posing as DaLuise and offering to help men “act out a rape fantasy.”

Feinstein also “utilized various forms of media and photographs to make DaLuise believe that her adult daughters were in danger,” says the sheriff’s department.

All the while, investigators say, Feinstein continued to treat DaLuise as if they were still friends, and when DaLuise incorrectly surmised that Suarez was her tormentor, Feinstein told her he believed she was right.

According to sheriff’s reports, DaLuise turned to Christopher Geile, a former player for the Detroit Lions, to murder Suarez. Detectives investigating the cyber-stalking case earlier this month say they discovered the murder plot and arrested DaLuise before anyone could harm her innocent, intended victim.

Investigators say that, on Wednesday, they also arrested Feinstein on a charge of stalking. His first court appearance was scheduled for Friday, March 14. Investigators also say they’re investigating another man in the cyber-stalking part of the case, but they’re not ready to name him.

So far, no charges have been filed against Geile, 49, who has not returned calls seeking comment. While it’s unclear if he really would have killed Suarez, cops say it’s still very clear that DaLuise asked him to.

She is culpable for soliciting someone to kill the victim, says sheriff’s Capt. Shaun Mathers. She believed it would be carried out.

DaLuise’s clients reportedly have included Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alicia Silverstone, Michelle Trachtenberg and Alyson Hannigan, and she’s been widely quoted in lifestyle publications.