Sarah Koenig apparently has a lot to answer for

Credit: Elise Bergerson

Everyone’s favorite heinously addictive podcast, Serial, drew to a close Thursday, and boy are people freaking out.

Some of the Internet’s most vocal and dedicated fans of the podcast exist at the subReddit r/serialpodcast, and consequently, some of the best memes concerning the addictive series have emerged from this site.

One of the better jokes referenced another favorite of obsessive Redditors: True Detective.


Another Redditor’s picture was simply titled, “I’m ready.”


This classic meme provided the perfect reaction when fans learned that host Sarah Koenig was asking for donations to fund the second season of the show.


For Joe Randazzo, founder of The Onion and the web creative director of Adult Swim, talk about Serial has already reached critical mass. To bolster his frustration, please find below a selection of Tweets about the finale.

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