Sean Kory was arrested on Halloween for attacking a man dressed as a Fox News reporter

Credit: Stockton Police; Santa Cruz Police

Jeremy Meeks isn’t the only man to perfect the mug shot.

On Halloween, Sean Kory proved there was a new hottie thug in town when his photo from an assault charge started to spread across the Web.

Kory, 29, was arrested in Santa Cruz, California, after he attacked a fellow Halloween reveler.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Kory spotted a person dressed as a Fox News anchor at a local parade and started screaming, “I hate Fox News!” The dreadlocked troublemaker reportedly grabbed the victim’s microphone prop, hit the man in the anchor costume with a tennis racket and fled the scene.

The cops eventually caught up with Kory and booked him for assault, which included a very flattering mug shot session.

Similar to Jeremy Meeks, whose steamy June mugshot led to thousands of Facebook fans and a place in meme history, Kory has quickly become an online sensation – not for his bizarre crime, but for his startling good looks.

Twitter users were quick to compare the two convict crushes, weighing in on which man is hotter:

While Meeks was allegedly offered a modeling contract after his mug shot, no such proposals have come through for Kory – well, not yet.

The internet has found a new Meeks, but do you think Kory’s handsome – and similar – features beat out the original hottie thug? Sound off in the comments.

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