The lawsuit alleges Diddy's bodyguards attacked a club promoter at a N.Y.C. hotspot

By Sara Hammel
Updated October 10, 2007 10:00 AM

Sean "Diddy" Combs sicced three of his burly bodyguards on a hip-hop promoter at a New York City nightclub, according to a $5 million lawsuit filed by the alleged victim.

James Waldon, 27, claims in the lawsuit that all he did was approach Combs in The Box and was rewarded with a punch in the mouth by one of the star s bodyguards, the Associated Press reports.

According to the suit, Waldon said hello and asked Combs to attend a performance of a hip-hop music group he was promoting. That s when “Combs gestured at [a bodyguard] to forcibly remove Mr. Waldon from close proximity to Combs.”

In the ensuing scuffle, Waldon was knocked backwards and fell onto a table, where he was hit and kicked repeatedly.

Waldon managed to get off the table but bodyguards chased him around the club before he was able to escape. He suffered several injuries, including some to his mouth and teeth, according to court papers.

Waldon also names the bodyguards in the suit – calling them “John Does” – along with the nightclub.

Combs’s lawyer, Jonathan D. Davis, told the AP he could not comment on the suit because he had not seen the papers, though he acknowledged he was aware of the filing. Management of The Box, which is on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, did not return calls for comment.