Champion was filming a segment on Climate Change when the attacks occurred.

By Naja Rayne
Updated November 14, 2015 01:00 AM

News Anchor, Sam Champion, was in the middle of filming a 24-hour segment on Climate Change when the horrific string of terror attacks broke in Paris.

Champion, 54, was on set with former Vice President Al Gore – who Champion confirmed was safe – and multiple French dignitaries in the 7th arrondissement, when bombings and shootings occurred in the 10th arrondissement.

“All these three areas that we’re talking about are very closely together,” Champion told NBC‘s Lester Holt. “On our way over here, the streets thinned out and cleared out like that. Lester the only thing moving had lights on it.”

Champion continued to describe the people in the city, now on lockdown, as being panicked and suspicious of others as they walked the streets trying to get home.

“Everyone looking at each other very, very frighteningly with kind of a suspicious stare,” he said. “People are panicked here, just very, very scared.”

After speaking with NBC, Champion continued his live updates on his Twitter, sharing videos and tweets of what the city looked like.

In his 2 a.m. update, he said, “It’s right at 2 a.m. in Paris and I just want to show you what the streets are like tonight. There’s a little traffic here, but not a lot. Every now and then the light will let out and a flurry of cars will go by, but every taxi cab we’ve seen but two, has gone by with the red light, saying they’re not stopping to pick up people.”

By 3:45 a.m. the streets were, for the most part, empty.

“The streets are pretty quiet. You would expect them to be at almost four in the morning right now,” Champion said.

Also in Paris at the time of the suicide bombings was Fox Correspondent, Geraldo Rivera’s daughter. Rivera appeared on Fox, divulging the details his daughter – who was in the French stadium when the bombs were detonated – provided him.

“It was chaos. Immediately the French authorities – now they’ve had the sorry experience with Charlie Hebdo last January and the train, etc. – they sealed it there’s a perimeter. I told them [his daughter and her friends] not to take the subway. It’s a mess. This is a terrifying military-scale attack, it seems to me.”