The actor enters a drug deferment program following a Sept. 17 arrest at his Malibu home

Credit: Splash News Online

Ryan O’Neal pleaded guilty to a felony charge of drug possession in a Malibu, Calif., courtroom Friday, and agreed to enter an 18-month drug deferment program.

If the actor successfully completes drug counseling and other requirements, the case against him will be dismissed.

“Ryan was anxious to move on with his life with privacy and dignity and that’s what we’re trying to do here today,” his lawyer Mark Werksman told PEOPLE.

O’Neal, 67, appeared in court looking calm, wearing a black suit. When asked by a prosecutor how he would plea, he replied in a low raspy voice, “guilty.”

Also present was his son Redmond, 23, whose pending drug case was postponed to a later date.

Both men were arrested Sept. 17 at the actor’s Malibu home following a probation sweep in which deputies found methamphetamines. A vial of the drug was found in Ryan’s bedroom, police said.

Redmond, who has long battled drug addiction, had been on probation following a DUI and drug possession conviction in June 2008.

Werksman previously denied that Ryan uses drugs.

“The drugs found in Ryan’s bedroom were Redmond’s,” Werksman said. “He had confiscated them from Redmond. He was trying to keep them away from his son.”