Robyn Gardner is seen leaving a restaurant with a man believed to be Gary Giordano

By Mike Fleeman
August 23, 2011 02:35 PM
Credit: Elton Malone/AP; Natalee Holloway Resource Center/AP

She’s wearing a colorful dress with a handbag slung over her shoulder and is walking out of an Aruba restaurant behind a man wearing shorts and dark shirt.

The scene is captured in a photograph obtained by ABC News, believed to be the last known picture of Robyn Gardner before she disappeared on Aug. 2 during a trip to the Caribbean island with Gary Giordano.

Although her face is away from the camera, Gardner is identified as the woman in the photo by her boyfriend Richard Forester, who tells ABC that he recognizes her favorite dress.

The man’s face also can’t be seen, but he has the same build as Giordano, who told police he had been dining with Gardner at the Rum Reef Bar & Grill in the Baby Beach that day.

The photo is time-stamped about two hours before Giordano returned to the restaurant to report Gardner missing that night, according to ABC.

Giordano, 50, is being held by authorities due to “serious inconsistencies” in his story about disappearance of Gardner, 35. Giordano claims she went missing while they were snorkeling, but a witness reportedly says he saw them walking along a reef at the time and then driving off without going into the water.