The trial will decide whether the 2013 hit infringes on Marvin Gaye's song "Got to Give It Up"
Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Jurors in the “Blurred Lines” trial heard a bizarre bit of testimony on Wednesday when Robin Thicke took the stand and proceeded to perform an elaborate piano medley.

The trial, which began in Los Angeles on Tuesday, will decide whether the 2013 hit infringes on Marvin Gaye’s 1977 song, “Got to Give It Up.”

Thicke, 37, together with co-writers Pharrell Willliams and T.I., sued Gaye’s family in a preemptive attempt to protect the song from claims of copyright infringement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In counterclaims, Gaye’s children Frankie and Nona Gaye alleged that not just one but at least two of Thicke’s songs – “Blurred Lines” and “Love After War” – are rip-offs of Gaye hits.

In an effort to prove that many pop songs have similar chord structures, Thicke performed a series of them on his keyboard at the stand, including U2’s “With Or Without You,” The Beatles’ “Let It Be,” Alphaville’s “Forever Young,” Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” and Michael Jackson’s “Man In the Mirror.” He even danced a little in his seat.

Thicke went on to say that he was “not present when the song was created,” though he did admit that he had previously told the media the song was his brainchild.

“The biggest hit of my career was written by somebody else and I was jealous and wanted credit,” he explained. “I felt it was a little white lie that didn’t hurt his career but boosted mine.”

He also confirmed testimony made during his deposition last year in which he admitted to battling drug and alcohol problems.

“I didn’t do a sober interview. So I don’t recall many things that I said,” Thicke said, adding that he was “having the toughest time of my life when I was doing the deposition.”

At the time, Thicke had recently split from wife Paula Patton. She eventually filed for divorce, despite the singer’s many attempts to win her back.

The trial is expected to last eight days and will include testimony from Pharrell Williams, T.I. and Patton herself.