He was courteous enough to remove his shoes and place them outside the bedroom door
Credit: Manchester Police Dept

He took a look inside and discovered Renaud “Junior” Plaisir fast asleep on the bed, with a knife in his back pocket.

“John woke me up and said there is a guy asleep in the blue bedroom,” Elinor told FOX 25 News. “And I said, ‘Are you sure? And he said, ‘Here are his sneakers!'”

Elinor called the police while her husband woke Plaisir and held him at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene. They later discovered that Plaisir had gone through the entire house after slitting open a screen on the first floor, opening drawers and cabinets throughout their home. At one point, he went through their refrigerator, helping himself to some leftover chicken wings he found.

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Police, who charged Plaisir with burglary, found a backpack containing other items – including credit cards and jewelry – that they suspect were from other homes he’d robbed that night. “I guess we were his last hit of the night, and I guess he was tired, and he laid down and went to sleep,” Terrell said.