Vibrant, Dedicated, Loved: Remembering the Victims of the Sacramento Mass Shooting

Three men and three women were fatally shot in Sacramento, Calif., early Sunday morning, marking the city's deadliest mass shooting on record

Sacramento shooting
A community mourns the six people fatally wounded in a downtown Sacramento shooting. Photo: Liu Guanguan/getty

A weekend night in Sacramento's downtown bar district turned tragic when, around 2 a.m. Sunday, gunfire rang through the streets. By the time first responders arrived at the scene, six people were dead and at least 12 more were suffering from injuries of various severities, marking the city's deadliest mass shooting on record.

Sunday's violence — which occurred just two blocks from the steps of the state Capitol — is the second prominent case of gun violence in Sacramento this year, adding pressure on lawmakers to address a relentless epidemic that's arrived in their own front yard.

Roadblock is set a block away from the scene of an apparent mass shooting In Sacramento, Calif Mass Shooting, Sacramento, United States - 03 Apr 2022
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Investigators analyzed the crime scene all Sunday and into the early morning hours Monday to get answers about what — and who — prompted the sudden act of violence. More than 100 shell casings were located at the scene, and it was determined that three buildings and three vehicles were struck with bullets, according to city police.

While many questions remain about the number of shooters involved in the incident, early evidence pointed to 26-year-old Dandrae Martin, who was booked on charges of assault and illegal firearm possession, though it is not yet clear what role he may have played in the attack.

On Monday, PEOPLE confirmed the names and ages of the three men and three women killed over the weekend. Below is a list of the six victims — ranging in age from 21 to 57 — and what PEOPLE has learned about them so far. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

Sergio Harris, 38

Sergio Harris
Sergio Harris. facebook

Sergio Harris was one of the first victims identified as family members released his name before authorities. He is remembered as a happy son, husband and father to two girls.

Within minutes of Sunday's shooting, Sergio's parents, Pamela and Fred Harris, were standing at the crime scene nervously waiting to find out if their son was among those killed, according to local media outlets. Pamela told KTXL that after several hours, police finally confirmed their fears.

"My son was a very vivacious young man," Pamela told KCRA. "Fun to be around, liked to party, smiling all the time." She said that he never bothered people, making his death difficult to wrap her mind around, according to the news station.

"I'm just to the point right now, I don't know what to do. I don't even feel like this is real. I feel like this is a dream," she said, noting that she had just had dinner with her son on Saturday night.

Sergio's wife, Leticia Harris, also spoke to KCRA 3, calling the shooting "a sad and terrible act of violence" that took several lives. "I want answers so I can have closure for my children."

Devazia Turner, identified by family as Sergio's cousin, was also killed in the attack.

Johntaya Alexander, 21

Johntaya Alexander
Johntaya Alexander. Facebook

Johntaya Alexander, affectionately known as "Jojo," was a graduate of Sheldon High School, according to her Facebook page. Her father, John Alexander, tells The New York Times she dreamed of becoming a social worker and had recently settled into her own apartment in Sacramento.

"She was a beautiful young lady just starting to experience life," John told the Times. As a child, he says she was "always looking to explore, always willing to be challenged."

Jojo's sister, Tezha Alexander, was with her the night she was killed. "She was loving, she was caring, she was the life of the party," she said, per the Times.

After learning of her death, friends shared memories on social media of the energetic young woman they lost. "You were such a young vibrant person that you just can't forget," wrote on friend on Facebook. "I'm so sorry."

"She was such a very outgoing and happy girl! Definitely brought life to any room she walked in," wrote another friend who also identified herself as a former co-worker.

Jojo was set to celebrate her 22nd birthday at the end of the month. Her grandfather has established a GoFundMe campaign to cover her funeral expenses.

Melinda Davis, 57

Melinda Davis
Melinda Davis. Sacramento Loaves & Fishes/Twitter

Although 57-year-old Melinda Davis called the downtown Sacramento streets her home, those who knew her remembered her as a bold woman.

"Melinda was a very eccentric individual, a very sassy lady," Shawn Peter, a guide with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, recalled to The Sacramento Bee on Monday.

Davis was one of six victims who died in Sunday's mass shooting near the corner of K Street and 10th Street.

According to the Bee, she spent the past 10 years periodically living along 10th Street, but Peter and Davis had a history going back 15 years.

"This was her spot," Peter shared. "This was her world, 24/7."

"She'd have a shopping cart and a sleeping bag, and if she was very lucky, she'd have a tent," he said.

The outlet reports that prior to the pandemic, the organization helped Davis secure housing, though she recently returned to being homeless.

Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32

Sherilyn Hoye never wanted kids — until she had Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi. "I said if I was to have a kid, I just wanted a boy," she told KCRA. "And I was blessed with a boy."

Joshua was raised in Sacramento, according to Sherilyn, and local media outlets report he lived in Salinas, Calif., at the time of his death.

After the shooting, loved ones memorialized him in on a Sacramento street with candles and empty bottles of Hennessy.

Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21

Yami Martinez
Yamile Martinez-Andrade. Yami Martinez/FaceBook

Yamile Martinez-Andrade lived in Selma, Calif., about 180 miles south of Sacramento. According to her mother, Teresa Andrade, who spoke with FOX26, Yamile and her friend drove to Sacramento Saturday to attend a Tyler, the Creator concert at the Golden 1 Center.

On weekdays Yamile worked in landscaping with her brother, the outlet reports, but on weekends she lined up fun activities to unwind. "She loved going to concerts," Teresa said, per FOX26. "That was her way of having fun."

Teresa told the outlet she last heard from Yamile when the 21-year-old found her seats at the concert venue. By Sunday afternoon she grew worried that she hadn't received any further updates from her daughter, unaware that a mass shooting had occurred.

Teresa later heard that Yamile was involved in an attack when the friend she was traveling with called to say she was shot in the stomach. Hours after that, the Sacramento County Coroner's Office called Yamile's stepfather with the news, FOX26 reports.

"What did they get by taking so many lives? Nothing," Teresa told the outlet. "I imagine that person has a mother too, and they won't like seeing their mom suffer. Because their mom will suffer. They ruined our lives, and they'll ruin their mother's, too, because they'll be locked up in jail. Their mom will suffer. Just like I'm suffering right now. But I'll never get my daughter back."

Teresa showed the news station a text exchange she had with her daughter on Friday. Translated from Spanish, it reads: "You are my greatest treasure and you will always be my princess. Forgive me if I ever did anything to hurt you, but I always wanted what's best for you."

Yamile replied, "Si yo se 'ma." Translated: "Yes, I know Ma."

Yamile's aunt set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral expenses and to offer the victim's family financial support for food.

Devazia Turner, 29

Devazia Turner's family will remember him as a 29-year-old father of four who pulled his life together after growing up on the streets. But more than that, they will remember how much they adored him.

"I just wanted to make sure the world knows that he was loved. He was definitely loved," his sister, Tamika Young, told KPIX. "My brother, he was a family dude. He just had love in him."

Turner, who was from Carmichael, was downtown with his cousin, Sergio Harris, who was also killed. Moments before he was officially informed that his son had died, Frank Turner, Devazia's father, expressed anger at the events.

"You can't just go around shooting people and think it's OK," he told KOVR before adding, "He was a good father."

A GoFundMe campaign was set up by Devazia's mother, Penny Scott, to raise funds for his children.

*Reported by Susan Young, Tristan Balagtas, Kyler Alvord and Marc Peyser

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