Remains of Murdered Woman Were Found in Yosemite in 1983: Will Facial Reconstruction Identify Her?

The National Park Service's Investigative Services Branch suspect that the female victim may have crossed paths with infamous serial killer and drifter Henry Lee Lucas

1983 Yosemite Jane Doe
Yosemite Jane Doe. Photo: NPS Investigative Services Branch

Authorities are using facial reconstruction in an attempt to identify a homicide victim who was found in Yosemite National Park in 1983.

Forensic artists created the digital facial reconstruction using a CT scan of the female victim’s skull and a forensic anthropology exam.

The victim, who was discovered in Yosemite’s Summit Meadow along Glacier Point Road, is believed to be between the ages of 18 and 30.

Special Agents with the National Park Service’s Investigative Services Branch suspect that the victim may have crossed paths with infamous serial killer and drifter Henry Lee Lucas.

“He had information about this murder that had not been made public and could only be known by the person who committed the crime,” says a Facebook posting by the National Park Service.

The Confession Killer — Henry Lee Lucas
Henry Lee Lucas. Netflix

Lucas, who was interviewed in the 1980s, allegedly claimed the victim was a female hitchhiker that he picked up on Highway 41 between Fresno, California and Yosemite National Park in the early 1980s.

He described the victim as 5 feet 5 to 6 inches, between 100 and 125 lbs., with long straight blonde to light brown hair. She wore silver rings on both hands.

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Before Lucas died in prison in 2001 he confessed to as many as 600 murders around the U.S.

Like serial killer Samuel Little, who confessed to killing as many as 93 people (and who law enforcement has allegedly tied to more than 50 murders), Lucas drew detailed pictures of his victims, down to their individual eye colors and smiles. However, Lucas’ confessions began to unravel with the advent of DNA testing and major discrepancies in his timelines which contradicted the grisly crime scene details he divulged to investigators.

If you have information about the case, please call or text the ISB line at (888) 653-0009 or online at

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