Cyle Warren Abbott Jr. returned money he stole from a California gas station, but was arrested nonetheless
Credit: Eureka Police Dept.

Police in Eureka, California, say a man robbed a gas station only to return hours later to give the money back and apologize.

Eureka Police Sgt. Steve Watson said Sunday that 23-year-old Cyle Warren Abbott Jr. told officers he needed cash to leave town for a fresh start, but then realized his mistake.

Watson said Abbott first entered the gas station demanding cash with what the clerk believed was a semi-automatic handgun.

He said the clerk gave Abbott some cash, and Abbott left, also taking two bottles of beer.

Watson said three hours later, Abbott returned, giving back most of the cash and saying he was sorry. He said the weapon turned out to be a BB gun, which officers haven’t found.

Abbott was booked into jail on $50,000 bail.

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