Redmond O'Neal Tells Judge Farrah Fawcett Down to 86 Lbs

The troubled son of actor Ryan O'Neal is given another chance at rehab

Photo: Whittle/Splash News Online

Redmond O’Neal has been given yet another chance to kick his drug habit.

Appearing in a Los Angeles court Friday, wearing a brown jail jumpsuit and shackled in chains, O’Neal, 24, the troubled son of Ryan O’Neal and Farrah Fawcett, cited his mother’s life-or-death battle with cancer as a reason to get clean.

“I want to be there for my mother,” O’Neal said in a barely audible voice, referring to Fawcett. “She weighs about 86 pounds. I’m upset with myself. My timing sucks.”

Redmond was in court for sentencing for violating probation on a 2008 DUI and drug possession conviction. Superior Court Judge Scott Millington offered him another chance to enter a drug program following a hearing April 30.

“You have a serious problem,” the judge told O’Neal sternly. “Do you want further treatment, or are you going to waste my time?”

O’Neal has battled drug addiction for years. Several weeks ago he was kicked out of rehab after testing positive for methamphetamine and when traces of heroin were found in his room, prosecutors said.

O’Neal also pleaded no contest Friday to a felony count of meth possession for a case involving his father.

A lawyer for Redmond had no comment.

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