The 23-year-old and his father, Ryan, still face a felony drug arraignment next month

By Ken Lee
Updated October 23, 2008 06:20 PM
Credit: Whittle/Splash News Online

Redmond O’Neal is “doing a lot better” after completing a two-week detox program, he said in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday.

When judge Scott Millington asked O’Neal, 23, how he was, he replied: “Doing a lot better.”

The judge added: “You’re looking a lot better from the last time I saw you. You’re on the right path. I know it’s easy to stray. Stay clean.”

O’Neal, who informed the court he’ll be enrolling in drug treatment, was arrested Sept. 17 for possession of methamphetamines along with his father, Ryan, 67, in the actor’s Malibu home during a probation sweep.

Ryan O’Neal’s lawyer, Mark Werksman, told PEOPLE the drugs found in the actor’s bedroom were Redmond’s, and that his client does not use drugs.

“Ryan had confiscated them from Redmond,” Werksman explained. “He was trying to keep the drugs away from his son.”

Redmond has a history of drug abuse and first entered rehab in 2004 for heroin use. This past June, he pleaded guilty to drug possession and one misdemeanor DUI charge.