The brothers were "amazing young men," their father LeRoy Brown tells PEOPLE

By Caitlin Keating
January 07, 2015 09:30 AM
Courtesy Rebecca Smith

An Oklahoma father is left planning to bury not one but two of his sons after they were murdered by their mother Saturday morning.

Rebecca Smith, 48, used a long gun to kill Levi Brown, 25, and Garrett Brown, 24, while they were sleeping at her Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, home.

A Muskogee County Sheriff’s official tells PEOPLE that it’s still an ongoing investigation.

“They were the best kids,” their father LeRoy Brown, who was divorced from Smith, tells PEOPLE. “I never had one problem with them.”

Levi, who was in the military, returned about nine months ago and was eager to go to culinary school.

“He made the most delicious steak in the world,” Brown says. “He loved being in the military, but he saw a great future ahead of him that he wanted to conquer.”

His younger brother Garrett loved vocational school and had studied electrical engineering, welding and carpentry.

“He was always thinking about the next class he could take,” Brown says.

Brothers Levi and Garrett Brown as teenagers
Courtesy The Brown Family

The two brothers were very close and “never left each other’s side,” their father says.

Brown, who says he hasn’t slept more than two hours a night since he heard about the tragic news from a friend, doesn’t know how to process what has happened.

“I haven’t been able to see them yet,” he says. “I can’t even think about what that moment will be like.”

While he grieves, he is also trying to wrap his head around why this happened.

“They never said anything about their mom that would concern me,” he says. “They had the biggest hearts and didn’t deserve this.”

Brown is planning the funeral arrangements while his wife went out on Tuesday to buy his sons new outfits.

“I want people to know who they truly were and I want them to go out in style,” he says.

A friend of the family has set up an online fundraiser to help raise money for the funerals of Levi and Garrett Brown.