Ray Liotta Pleads No Contest to Reckless Driving

The Goodfellas star is sentenced to three years' probation after hitting two parked cars

Ray Liotta pleaded no contest to alcohol or drug-related reckless driving and was sentenced to probation.

The Goodfellas star, 52, was sentenced Wednesday in a Los Angeles court to three years’ probation, is required to complete a short anti-alcohol program, pay more than $300 in fines, and must pay restitution to the owners of the two cars he hit.

On Feb. 18, Liotta, driving alone in a silver Cadillac Escalade, hit two parked cars on an L.A. street, and was arrested for DUI. He was found under the influence of prescription medication.

According to his attorney, Liotta experienced unexpected drowsiness from the interaction of some medications prescribed by his doctor for a sports injury.

As for why his case took almost a year to resolve, a legal source says there were technical problems related to his drug testing.

Liotta’s lawyer, Blair Berk, had her hands full Wednesday, handling both Liotta’s and Kiefer Sutherland’s sentencing on the same day.

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