Randy and Evi Quaid Must Appear in U.S. Court – or Else

Freed in Canada, they posted a staggering $1 million bail to ensure their return to California

Photo: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department

Randy and Evi Quaid’s Excellent Canadian Adventure may soon come to a close.

The quirky fugitive couple, who sought refugee status in Canada following their arrest in Vancouver, face a felony hearing Tuesday in a Santa Barbara, Calif., courtroom.

They remain free in Vancouver after it was discovered that Evi is actually a Canadian citizen, although immigration authorities there declined to explain why Randy was released.

Although they are notoriously bad about keeping court dates, Santa Barbara Senior Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter says the Quaids posted $500,000 bond each to assure their appearance.

Randy, 60, and Evi, 47, each face one felony count of vandalism and a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized entry of a dwelling following their arrest in September. Evi, who’s currently on probation in a previous hotel-bill-skipping case, also faces a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest.

On Saturday, the couple claimed at an immigration hearing that they fear a shadowy group of assassins called “star whackers,” who they believe are responsible for the deaths of their celebrity friends, including Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

Regarding Evi’s newfound citizenship, “It turned out Evi’s father was born here,” her Vancouver-based lawyer Catherine Sas tells PEOPLE. “She didn’t know she was Canadian.”

Sas says the couple is exploring options to remain in Canada, however, Randy’s status as a tourist remains in question before Vancouver authorities.

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