Courtesy Troup County Sheriff's Office
February 02, 2015 12:10 PM

Five people were found dead inside a LaGrange, Georgia, home on Saturday evening in an apparent homicide, authorities say.

Police are searching for 26-year-old Thomas J. Lee in connection with the deaths, the LaGrange Daily News reports. Lee has not been charged by police.

Thomas is the husband of Christie Lee, 33, who has been identified as one of the victims. The others are William Burtron, 69, Sheila Burtron, 68, Iiaonna Green, 18 and Bailey Burtron, 16.

Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff said that the five victims could have been dead since Wednesday.

“In law enforcement, you see bad things every day,” he said. “But I’ve never seen a crime scene like this in my 25 years or so in law enforcement – never a scene with five victims inside a home.”

Officers first discovered the bodies after one of the victim’s employers called the police to report that the man had not shown up for work in days.

Police say four of the victims were shot to death, while the fifth was killed “in a different manner,” according to WXIA.

Authorities have been unable to find Thomas thus far. “He is not here at the home and we understand there may have been a dispute or something between one of the victims here,” Sgt. Stewart Smith told WSB-TV. “We have not been able to make contact with him at all.”

He added that the house doesn’t have a history of violence. “Really no past history of calls to the house and we really don’t know what led up to this,” he said.

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