A snapshot of her notepad reveals clean penmanship and a detailed outline of her alcohol-education classes

By Eunice Oh
July 09, 2010 12:50 PM
David McNew/Reuters/Landov

The judge deemed she didn’t fulfill her required alcohol-education classes, but here’s one assignment Lindsay Lohan might have passed with flying colors: notetaking.

While Lohan’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley (who has since resigned), Judge Marsha Revel and the deputy district attorney spoke during Tuesday’s probation hearing, the actress was seen constantly jotting down notes with a red pen – but these weren’t just any scribbles.

A high-resolution snapshot of Lohan’s notepad, which she flashed to cameras while trying to cover her face, reveals her clean, meticulous penmanship and that she seemingly kept track of the entire proceedings.

“July 6, 2010. 1:40 PM @ Beverly Hills Court,” she wrote on the corner of the page, followed by “(Dad’s sitting behind Liana),” likely referring to younger sister Aliana.

For the next 20 lines, Lohan, who references herself as “LL,” appears to have laid out a timeline of the alcohol-awareness classes. For the ones that she missed, Lohan provides explanations, including the fact that she signed the wrong sign-in sheet at one session, or that she had to travel to London for a Haiti benefit.