May 04, 2011 03:15 PM

Phoebe Prince’s mother tearfully lashed out in a Massachusetts court Wednesday at the teenagers who bullied her daughter before the 15-year-old girl committed suicide.

Anne O’Brien singled out Sean Mulveyhill, who briefly dated Prince, claiming he was in a “predatory” relationship with the girl before encouraging other teens to torment her.

“There is a dead weight that now sits permanently on my chest,” O’Brien said at the sentencing in the Northampton courtroom of two of the six teens charged in connection with Prince’s case.

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In a deal with prosecutors, Mulveyhill, 18, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal harassment and was sentenced instead to one-year probation and community service.

His ex-girlfriend, Kayla Narey, 18, who reached a similar plea deal, apologized, breaking down in tears as she said, “I was the weak one and that behavior will always be with me. I m sorry, Phoebe. I am sorry about the unkind things I said, I’m sorry I laughed when someone was shouting things at you.”

“I am immensely ashamed of myself,” added Narey. “I am sorry for my role in this tragedy and I am deeply sorry for what my behavior has caused my family, my loving friends and the South Hadley community.”

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