Chris Harris and Jeff Truesdell
February 12, 2018 12:15 PM


The allegations are so horrifying that they almost defy belief.

Authorities claim that 18-year-old Alyssa Mae Nocedato lost consciousness before being raped by a 19-year-old man who allegedly knew she was overdosing. Police say that instead of calling 911, the man took photos of her partially-nude body.

Here are five things to know about the case.

1. Police Say Co-Worker Turned in Suspected Killer

Brian Roberto Varela, a Dairy Queen employee in Lynnwood, Washington, was arrested on Feb. 6. He was charged with rape, manslaughter and homicide by controlled substance. According to investigators, Varela allegedly bragged about having sex with Nocedato, whom he’d met at a party the night before.

Authorities allege he told his co-workers the Mariner High School student “died having sex with me.”

One co-worker who was interviewed by investigators said Varela stated that, because he’d had sexual intercourse with the victim, it might appear he “raped” her. He is also alleged to have told the co-worker “I don’t know if she was alive or dead” during the sex, the affidavit states.

The unnamed co-worker spoke to his girlfriend about Varela’s claims. She discovered a social media post from Nocedato’s mother about the missing girl. Soon after, the co-worker called the police.

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2. Police Claim Varela Laughed At Alleged Victim’s Overdose Death

Investigators allege that Varela took pictures of the dying teen and later shared them in a group text to three of his co-workers.

“LOL I think she OD’d, still breathing, I’m smashing her to pass the time,” Varela then allegedly wrote to the group. He allegedly noted that, in the photos, Nocedato was “on her back with swollen purple/blue lips” and “clearly unconscious.”

Varela said that Nocedato snorted a line of crushed Percocet pills during the Feb. 3 party before ingesting a “dab” of liquid marijuana he is alleged to have provided. He allegedly told police the girl passed out on his bed within 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Varela Worked Double Shift, Planned to Bury Body After Work

Police spoke with Varela’s roommate, who said that the suspect had shown him the body. The roommate said that he told Varela to call police, but that Varela went to work instead.

Varela worked a double shift at the Dairy Queen.

Brian Varela

Detectives say that Varela allegedly stuffed Nocedato’s remains into a crate after work.

Authorities say Varela allegedly told his co-worker he had to break the girl’s legs and “bleed her out” in order to stuff her body into the crate. Police found the corpse in the crate, which Varela allegedly planned to bury.

4. Varela Allegedly Posted Message To Victim’s SnapChat

According to police, Varela posted a message to Nocedato’s SnapChat after she was dead.

They allege he used her fingerprint to access her locked cell phone. Investigators claim he then posted a message on her personal SnapChat account, so that her friends would think she ran away from home.

Varela has not yet entered a plea and is being held on $1.5 million bond. It was unclear Monday if an attorney had been appointed to represent him or speak on his behalf.

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5. Victim’s Mother Grappling With Teen’s Murder

The Daily Herald of Everett, Washington, reports that Varela appeared in court last week, as did Noceda’s mother, Gina Pierson. According to the paper, Pierson muttered that she was disgusted looking at the defendant and demanded answers outside the courthouse.

“She was just an innocent 18-year-old girl, having fun, and (she) was taken advantage of,” her mother said.

Pierson told the Herald she did not want her daughter going to the party, because she had a bad feeling about it. But, she did not stop the girl from going.

“I want to know why,” Pierson said. “She didn’t deserve it. Nobody deserves anything that bad.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help fund Noceda’s funeral.

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