Mary Lancaster and Angie Kimmel allegedly used Lancaster's 11- and 13-year-old sons to steal cosmetics

By Tara Fowler
Updated February 09, 2015 03:30 PM

A mom and her friend are accused of using her young sons to shoplift for them at a CVS Pharmacy in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

Police say Mary Lancaster and Angie Kimmel used Lancaster’s 11- and 13-year-old sons to steal cosmetics totaling $100 from the pharmacy and then allowed the boys to take the fall when they were caught, the Herald-Standard reports.

The entire incident was captured on the store’s surveillance video. Authorities say Lancaster took items off the shelves and gave them to the boys to hide.

“She has items in her hands, and she hands them over to her 13-year-old son. He puts them up under his coat,” Lieutenant Tom Kolencik told WTAE about what is on camera.

“She’ll point out items she wants him to pick up, he’ll put them under his coat and she’ll walk away to make sure no one is coming.”

Meanwhile, Kolencik said Kimmel coached the 11-year-old on which items to take in another part of the store.

“You can see Angie going through a couple of perfumes to see which one she wants,” he said. “You’ll see the juvenile come along. He has one under his shirt now. It’s the wrong one. He’ll set it down, and then when Angie walks away, he’ll pick up the one that she wanted and put it under his shirt.”

Lancaster and Kimmel were charged with conspiracy to commit retail theft and corruption of a minor, while the two boys were charged with retail theft, say the reports.