Patricia Driscoll fires back at Busch's allegations that she's a hired assassin

By Steve Helling
January 15, 2015 03:35 PM
Eric Jamison/AP

Things have gotten even uglier in the bizarre love-gone-wrong case of NASCAR star Kurt Busch and former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.

Driscoll, 37, has filed for a protective order from Busch, claiming that the 36-year-old driver assaulted her in September.

In court on Monday, Busch denied assaulting Driscoll – and claimed that she was a hired assassin who had worked covertly in Central and South America. In a particularly evocative anecdote, he recounted her wearing a trench coat over a blood-soaked evening gown.

Now, Driscoll is firing back. In an interview with the Associated Press, she called the allegations “ludicrous and without basis.” In a statement released on Thursday, she claimed that Busch is an alcoholic in need of professional mental help.

“Mr. Busch’s statements in court serve to confirm my belief that he needs professional counseling to deal with his alcoholism and issues of depression,” the statement reads. “Since day one, I have stood by my statements that my motive was not greed but, in fact, concern for the man I love. I have previously shared my concerns for Mr. Busch’s mental state since the onset of this case, only to be dismissed by his legal team.”

Perhaps now his family and those around him recognize his fragile state and will provide him the mental health care and support he needs,” Driscoll continues. “He clearly believes fiction is reality and that’s all the more reason he needs help.”

The Delaware Attorney General’s Office is currently investigating the alleged assault. No charges have yet been filed.