Paris Turns Off Its Lights As Eiffel Tower Goes Dark in Memory of Terror Victims – As N.Y.C. Pays Its Own Tribute

As the death toll rises in Paris, the city has gone dark in memoriam of more than 100 victims

Photo: Courtesy Herald de Paris

In light of Friday night’s terror attacks, Paris has gone dark.

The city’s signature monument, the Eiffel Tower, turned off its lights in memoriam of the more than 100 victims who lost their lives in multiple terror attacks across the city.

Another sign of the wave of humanity and compassion flooding the city after the horrific incidents.

While there’s no official number of deaths yet, the toll continues to climb and is estimated to be around 140 people.

On Friday night, suicide bombers and gunmen stormed the city, gunning down innocent citizens at a local restaurant and detonating explosives outside the Stade de France where French President Francois Hollande was evacuated.

The worst of the attacks occurred at the Bataclan concert hall, just 200 yards from the former offices of Charlie Hebdo – the site of a January attack against the satirical publication.

Although, thousands of miles away, New York City gave its own tribute. However, rather than going dark, the city lit Once World Trade Center in blue, white and red to represent the French flag.

At least 118 hostages were killed in the concert hall where American rock band Eagles of Death metal were performing.

As the Paris recuperates, residents have done more than simply shutting off the lights. Many have utilized the hashtag #porteouverte, welcoming victims and any of the displaced into their homes. Taxi drivers in the city have also gone dark, turning off their meters and getting people to safety free of charge.

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