Third Body Recovered from Rubble of Paris Terror Raid as Video Showing Suicide Blast Surfaces Online

The third body is believed to be that of a male


A third body was recovered from under the rubble of a suburban Paris apartment that was raided by French police on Wednesday.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected mastermind behind the Paris terror attacks, and his cousin, Hasna Aitboulahcen, were killed in Wednesday’s raid after more than 100 French police and army troops descended on the apartment in Saint-Denis at just before dawn. Aitboulahcen died after she blew herself up, while Abaaoud was killed by police gunfire.

But authorities said Friday that a third body, believed to be that of a man, was discovered among the ruins of the apartment. “We can confirm that three people were killed,” a Paris prosecutor s office spokeswoman told ABC News.

It’s not clear at this time who the man is or how he died.

The news comes as a video has surfaced online purportedly showing the moment Aitboulahcen detonated her explosive belt. The video, which was recorded using a cellphone and obtained by ABC News, shows a group of officers entering the building at the ground floor before a large blast blows out the window of a fourth-floor apartment. You can watch the video below:

The force of the blast tore Aitboulahcen’s body apart, sending part of her remains flying onto a police car outside and complicating the identification process. She was formally confirmed to be dead on early Friday morning.

Altogether, 129 people were killed and 352 more were injured in the Nov. 13 attacks that were orchestrated by Abaaoud.

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