Parisians open their doors to the stranded, while taxi drivers switch off their meters to get people to safety.

By Phil Boucher
November 13, 2015 08:30 PM

French humanity rapidly raised its head in the midst of horror tonight.

Moments after the terrorist attacks struck the French capital, the Twitter hashtag #porteouverte was launched. It quite literally means ‘open door’ for anyone stranded on the streets or unable to reach their hotels because of the atrocities.

“If you are in Paris and you need shelter, find someone using the hastag ‘PorteOuverte’. People are offering shelter. Stay safe!” one account tweeted.

Another, said simply “For people in Paris: the hashtag #PorteOuverte on twitter is filled with people ready to welcome you for the night if you are in the streets/can’t go back to where you’re staying. Contact them, DO NOT STAY OUT. Stay safe.”

In a telling display of kindness the taxi drivers of Paris have also switched off their meters tonight. With the city placed under curfew for the first time since 1944 and the majority of the Paris Metro suspended, it has offered a vital lifeline for thousands stranded in the French capital.

“Every time something awful like this happens the human spirit always prevails,” @bradleygbooth tweeted alongside the hashtag #PorteOuverte.

“This is why terrorists will never win.”